Come and Gone

May 6, 2013

Hi Leo,

You’ve officially been gone for as long as you were here. That is such a chilling thought and I still can’t believe you are gone. I can’t get over how much I miss and love you.

Your dad and I still come to the cemetery daily, although we will be going back to work soon, so I wonder how often we will get to come and spend time with you the way that we have been. Maybe we should quit our jobs and start working at La Vista. That would be something, wouldn’t it?

Your sisters miss you so much too. Every time Lily sees a picture of you, she starts shouting your name like crazy and won’t stop until she can hold the picture. Alyssa talks about you and sleeps with one of your blankets sometimes. At disneyland last week, she made a wish in Minnie’s wishing well that you were still here with us. It broke my heart all over again because I wish the same thing.

Anyway, my sweet son, I am always thinking about you and I love you dearly.


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