My brother

Friday was my brother’s birthday. All day long I felt a little bit down. I love my brother so much. He has a wonderful heart, is a good person, and always tries his best to be there for you. Knowing all of this, and the relationship I have had with him my whole life, I […]

The last time we saw you…

Leo, 4/19/2013, the day we laid your little body to rest, the last time we ever saw you, the last time we ever held you, the day I had to accept that I would never ever see your sweet face again. I remember saying “goodnight” to you one last time because I wouldn’t accept “goodbye”…I […]

One year later

Leo, Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of your death. Leading up to that day, I found myself confused and filled with fear. Fear that I would feel the pain of this loss afresh; fear that I would re-live that night with a renewed sense of memory and detail. I’m so relieved to say that […]

Remembering you

Leo, As I inch closer to the anniversary of the day you left this world, I find myself filled with fear, confusion, and somewhere deep inside; hope.  Friday seems so far away and yet I’m thankful for every single day between now and then.  Each day that I have to “wait” to get past the […]

No Words

A hug, An embrace, A most sincere look upon your face. All this pain, All that I feel, Is it real? I look around, I see so many faces. I’m surrounded by people, But not the one I want to see. I look around, I see a friendly face, They approach me and offer a […]