No Words

A hug,
An embrace,
A most sincere look upon your face.

All this pain,
All that I feel,
Is it real?

I look around,
I see so many faces.
I’m surrounded by people,
But not the one I want to see.

I look around,
I see a friendly face,
They approach me and offer a warm embrace.

They look into my eyes,
They feel my pain,
They utter two words that mean the world to me.

Their heart understands.
In their embrace I feel God’s love,
They step back and say,
With sadness in their heart.
“No words”

there are no words

Sometimes, the things we feel are so real that words cannot begin to describe what only the heart knows.

Dedicated to my son in Heaven, my angel
Leo Terrance Riggs
3/16/13 – 4/11/13

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