#8daysoftrust -Day 4

I got to watch my husband turn a creative passion into something he can share with the world.  Not just something others can see but something they can participate in, something they can explore, something that can help them uncover a talent they didn’t know they had. 
God doesn’t just love us, He doesn’t just guide us through life, He doesn’t just sit and wait patiently for us to hear him, He gave each of us a gift at birth and it’s our challenge to uncover it. 

God gave me the gift of words and Zach the gift of a good eye which allows him to create art and films.  

Tonight I got to see God’s gift to my husband shared with our community. And isn’t that what God wants?  For us to take our gifts and fearlessly share them with the world. 

Thank you God for giving us the courage to put our life’s passion on the line in hopes of living out your will for us. 

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