#8daysoftrust -Day 6

   We took our kids on a hike today. One of my goals this year was to take more time to be with my family in nature.  I want to teach my kids to be quiet and reflective, to soak in their surroundings, to feel free and unrestrained from the structure of society.  Heck, I […]

#8daysoftrust -Day 4

   I got to watch my husband turn a creative passion into something he can share with the world.  Not just something others can see but something they can participate in, something they can explore, something that can help them uncover a talent they didn’t know they had.  God doesn’t just love us, He doesn’t […]

#8daysoftrust -Day 2

Well, today started off crappy. I was exhausted from Leo’s anniversary (it’s an emotionally draining day), and I had a huge half-day meeting pop up that I needed to facilitate…first thing in the morning.  Traffic was horrendous and Lily threw an amazing fit.  I couldn’t find my car keys (I just found them about 1 […]

#8daysoftrust – Day 1

    Zach and I were supposed to go to Disneyland this morning. We had gone to Disneyland the night before and were debating whether we should go again or just start heading home. As we approached the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we started to realize just how crowded Disneyland really was. I suggested we […]

3 years

Hi Leo, Today is your three year angelversary and I miss you just as much today as I did three years ago.  I have learned to recognize the signs and symbols you show me to remind me that you’re still around, but I still miss your physical presence and being able to be with you […]