#8daysoftrust -Day 2

Well, today started off crappy. I was exhausted from Leo’s anniversary (it’s an emotionally draining day), and I had a huge half-day meeting pop up that I needed to facilitate…first thing in the morning.  Traffic was horrendous and Lily threw an amazing fit.  I couldn’t find my car keys (I just found them about 1 hour ago) and I was just flat out grumpy. 

I pasted a smile across my face and decided to fake it until i could get home and rest.  I made it though my meeting and actually did s pretty good job. 

I challenged God to show himself in a day like today.  A co-worker asked me how my day was and I told her about Leo’s anniversary and that I was having a tough day. She said she was too because today would have been her dad’s 77th birthday, but he passed away 5 years ago. 

I went on to tell her that my dad’s birthday is this Saturday and he would have been 70 if he hadn’t passed away 3 years ago.  I told her about my dad’s reaction to Leo’s death, about my dad’s accident, about his near death experience and what he saw when he was on his way to Heaven. 

I gave her a huge hug and told her that our dads are always with us. She told me a few stories about her dad, we shared a few laughs, and then went back to work. 

I was being pulled in ten directions and everything was highest priority.  My email wasn’t syncing, my calendar didn’t work right, and deadlines for various projects were weighing heavily on me.  

A quote had popped up that I started creating an image of during my big meeting, but I still hadn’t noticed God and I really didn’t have the time to think about it. An email popped up from my coworker near the end of the day and it was like God threw ice cold water on my head and shouted “Here I am!  I was here all along!   See how I did that?” 
Her email simply said “Thank You”.  She had told me earlier that I made her day but I hadn’t thought much about it.  And that quote that I started creating an image of?  Well, that quote was a perfect fit for the experience. 

You are so rad!  Thanks for revealing yourself to me slowly and for making my day!  Thank you for turning my heartbreak into healing. 



This quote is from Glennon Doyle Melton of momastery.com 


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