#8daysoftrust – Day 1


 Zach and I were supposed to go to Disneyland this morning. We had gone to Disneyland the night before and were debating whether we should go again or just start heading home. As we approached the Mickey and Friends parking structure, we started to realize just how crowded Disneyland really was. I suggested we head over to Orange Circle in downtown Orange,CA for breakfast. We hadn’t really explored this area but when we drove through it looked like fun. 

We were enjoying our coffee and waiting for our order to come out of the kitchen at Watson’s Soda Fountain & Cafe when I looked at Zach and said, “Leo would be proud of you.”  Zach looked a little caught off guard, confused even.  I clarified, “He would be proud of the things you’re creating in his memory. And he would be proud of me too.”  

Just then, through all of the noise of the restaurant, I heard “Your Song” by Elton John start playing. I burst into tears because that is the song I used to sing to Leo. That is the song to which Zach set Leo’s “welcome to the world” video before Leo died.  I knew right at that moment, that Leo was confirming how proud he is of us and that he is listening to us. 

Our waitress came over to check on us and asked if we were headed to Disneyland (I had Mickey Mouse leggings on). I looked up and burst into tears again.  The song was still playing and I just couldn’t explain myself to her. Zach told her what was going on and she offered me a hug. A few minutes later she came over with this pastry box and two ginormous cupcakes. She said, “Now, don’t cry, because I’ll lose it.  I wanted to try and brighten your day just a little bit. I know it doesn’t take the pain away, but I’m doing this anyway.”  She gave us two cupcakes from the bakery next door to celebrate Leo’s life. 

God is always letting us know that there is more to this world than meets the eye and that small acts of kindness go a long way. 


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