Hi Leo,

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote you.  It’s not because I don’t love you or don’t miss you, but because I can feel you nearby.  I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you’re living life right alongside us.  Nobody in the world could convince me otherwise. 

I had been pondering my letters to you, which I still love to write, but I felt like I wanted more.  My words to you are beautiful, I know that.  And that’s not to sound egotistical but to give thanks to God for giving my letters and articles the raw and descriptive quality that people can connect to.  But I still wanted more. 

I wanted my words to not only sound beautiful but to be beautiful, to look beautiful.  So I got on Instagram and started watching hand lettering and modern calligraphy videos.  I was inspired. 

My hand lettering journey started on July 14th, 2016 at and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance conference with a ball point pen and a tiny pad of hotel  stationary.   I wrote “I miss everything about you” and used an app called Pixomatic to overlay the words into a photo i had taken in Monterey, CA. 

I was in love with the feeling I had.  I was able to write my words in a way that people could actually see my feelings.  I was able to draw my words.  People were able to see the depth of my longing for you.   What a gift to me!

So know that, even though I’m not writing you letters, I am drawing you letters, and I miss you so terribly that I’ve run out of words to write about it.  None of them truly describe the depth of my pain anyway. 

I love you eternally.  Thank God for you for making me who I am today and for allowing me to touch the hearts of others with our story and with my everlasting faith and trust in God and in the goodness of life. 

Love you,


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