A letter to my early grieving self

Instead of writing a letter to Leo tonight, I feel like God has placed it on my heart to try and bring some order to the tornado of emotion that has surrounded me this past week. If you know me in person or on facebook, you know that some friends suddenly and unexpectedly lost their […]


Leo, I was sitting in a quiet room with a womb-like feeling. It was dark but comfortable and you were asleep in my arms. I snuggled you into my chest and sighed the sigh of a happy mother in love with her newborn son. I smelled your head – that sweet baby smell, and tried […]

Putting Grief Into Perspective

Leo, Yesterday a new friend joined you in Heaven. His family, friends, and community, including your dad and I, are mourning the loss of another vibrant soul taken from us too soon. We just can’t understand why you, Levi, and so many others go home before we do. But we know that particular understanding is […]

Start Afresh

Leo, Today I shed a fresh blanket of tears for you. I felt washed over by sadness, hopelessness, and impatience. I couldn’t escape wondering how many New Years I’d have to ring in before we finally meet again. It didn’t take long before I realized that those feelings were just road blocks. God has amazing […]