Alternate Reality

Leo, Right now is the time of year when you were alive and what we perceived to be well. I struggle with these alternate realities that play through my mind and heart. There’s the memory of last year; of holding and kissing you, and welcoming the final piece of our family puzzle into our lives. […]

Happy birthday.

Leo, Happy birthday my sweet sweet angel. You were born right at the moment I wrote this, one year ago, at 11:26pm. It’s been difficult today without you, knowing what today would have been like if you were alive. But I hang onto the memory of how awesome you were and how much you changed […]

Running Away

Leo, I know I promised to write you on 2/18/14, but I just couldn’t.  I haven’t been able to sit down and write to you since then.  Not for lack of want or words, but out of fear.  My beautiful boy, my eternal 26 day old son, not a moment goes by that I don’t […]