Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my sweet sweet angel. You were born right at the moment I wrote this, one year ago, at 11:26pm. It’s been difficult today without you, knowing what today would have been like if you were alive.

But I hang onto the memory of how awesome you were and how much you changed my (and so many others) lives. I am so blessed to be your mother and to have spent every moment with you for your entire life. I got to hold and love our guardian angel, you.

In as many ways that I feel sad, I also feel so lucky. God sent you to us on a very important mission that only took you 26 days to accomplish. And for every birthday that I celebrate, I also get to celebrate the fact that you entered the world on the same day I did.

I love you and I look forward to the day when we no longer celebrate birthdays because we are in heaven together.

Happy birthday son!

Thinking of you always,

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