I had a dream about you last night.  I woke up this morning with wet tears in my eyes, I know I was crying in my sleep, I remember hugging you and crying in my dream.  I woke up and thought, that’s so you!  In my dream, you were being a troublemaker (as usual).  And when you started getting into a little too much trouble, you made up a really silly excuse to leave, got up, and strutted away to your car.  You were wearing your old white painters pants and a red t-shirt that was so faded that it had turned pink.  Your hair was perfectly combed back, and as you walked away, I noticed how tall you were walking and how much attitude you had in your step…just how I remember you as a young girl.

As you walked away, I realized that you had died over a year ago and that I wouldn’t see you again.  I wanted to get you on video so I could include that at the very end of the memorial video that Zach made you.  I chased after you, into the parking lot, so that I could say “goodbye” and so that I could video you as a healthy young man.  I knew everyone would want to see that.  So I got to the parking lot and started screaming and crying out “Daddy!”  You pulled up in a junky old car, got out, and as I was hugging you, I realized that you had gone already.  I was hugging some lady who told me that my Dad was in Heaven.  I knew I wouldn’t get a video of you, but I cherished watching you make trouble and poke at people during the party we had just been to.  I loved watching you walk away because it meant that you could walk!  I loved your attitude because it meant that you felt well!

For the first time since you passed, I really missed you.  My heart is filled with sadness this morning, but is also glorified in God’s promise.  You are healthy, you are still alive, your spirit still comes to me, and you’re still the same old jokester that you always were.  I love you Dad.  I can’t wait to see you and baby Leo again.  In the meantime, try not to get into too much trouble!

Love you,


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