If only in my dreams

April 21, 2013
11:24 am

I forgot to mention to you, a story that Alyssa shared with me two or three days after you died.

She has been dreaming about you. Though, of this you’re probably aware, as I believe you really are speaking to her in her dreams.

She came to me and told me this story:
“Mommy, I dreamed of Leo last night.”
“Oh yeah?” I said. “What did you dream?”
“I forgived Leo,” she said, so nonchalantly.
“For what?” I asked.
“I forgive Leo for dying. And then he said he loved me and that I was a good big sister. And the he glowed and it was so bright that i waked up,” was her innocent reply.

Wow! What an amazing story. Thank you Leo, for bringing peace to your sister. You were a fabulous brother.

Love you,

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