As I was sitting in traffic today (which I tend to do A LOT) I was watching the second hand on my watch tick on and on. As each second passed, I thought, I’m one second closer to seeing you again. People worry about my impatience to see you again, but rest assured…I’m not going to do anything crazy. It’s just comforting to know that there is something so amazing waiting for me at the end of this journey.

I constantly think about you, which means that I’m always thinking about God. I went to see my therapist yesterday. After our meeting, I realized how much God is a part of every decision I make. I never ever ever ever thought that I would be this person. Not only do I believe in God, not only do I trust him, but I love him and I believe that He trusts in me too. You and I, Leo, and the rest of the world, were sent here to live out Gods will, to bring the kingdom back…what a crazy important job we have. And God, this amazing force, is behind it all, catching us when we fall, waiting patiently when we ignore him, putting us back together when we are broken. He renews us, restores us, gives us hope, lights the darkness around us, and above all, he loves us no matter what.

I’m so distraught that you left us, but at the same time, I’m so happy you’re in Heaven, watching over us. I miss you so much more than I can describe. I love you.


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