April 27, 2013


Your dad and I are going on an adventure tonight. Over the past few weeks, we have been on a serious adventure through life and death; faith and trust, and so much more.
Tonight, however, we are going to old town via public transportation to have a margarita. As we were riding on the trolley, I began to reflect about adventures, specifically the type of adventures we have been on recently.
Your death was real life. It was an adventure of epic proportions. Going out on the bus and trolley to have dinner is “just the creme” I told your dad. We used to live in the creme and it used to cause drama in our lives. We felt so unfulfilled because we couldn’t find real life in our adventures. We would go out more, shop more, socialize more, to no avail. Losing you made us see that we were missing out on real life because we were confused by the fluff. Your dad made a really profound milkshake analogy that I’m sure he’s blogging about right now.

I love you, son. And I’m so proud of you and all you’ve taught me.


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