I’ll always miss you

Hi Leo,

Today I broke down crying because the feeling of missing you overwhelmed me. I have been thinking of you even more strongly than usual. I had a dream about you…you looked a lot like Lily.

As your second birthday approaches, I find myself feeling weaker and weaker.  I’ve been so busy that I haven’t written you but you know how often I think of you and try to connect with you. 

I just miss you and I wanted to take the words from my heart and send them out to you.  I am broken. I am scared. I am scarred. I am still so sad that you’re gone. I want all 4 of my kids with me. 

Alyssa told me that you came to her in a dream and told her that you wanted to come back. I wish that were true but I have no way to know.  I want you back. I want to hear your voice. I should have gotten to raise you. 

It’s all so unfair and so heartbreaking. 

I love you, son. 



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