Capture Your Grief – Day 1- Sunrise


This year I’m participating in a project called Capture Your Grief.  Every day in the month of October I intend to snap a photo and tell a story about my grief. 

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and this project leads me right up to Dia de los Muertos. I think this month is going to be both challenging and healing. 

Today’s theme was Sunrise. I guess it’s no surprise that I slept right through the sunset. As a matter of fact I was 45 minutes late to work!  

I was exhausted from celebrating Zoe’s first birthday over at Disneyland the day before.  I thought about missing the sunrise and rushing around this morning, and I realized that, even though I missed relaxing and reflecting as the sun rose today, I had the honor of spending Zoe’s first birthday with her!  I wish so badly that I could’ve done that with you!  

So, my sunrise picture today is more figurative than literal. I’m posting a picture of the day you were born, the day the sun rose over my heart and over my family. 

I love you Leo. 

Yours forever,




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