Capture Your Grief – Day 2 – Intention


Today I put a lot of thought into my intention in your honor. What does that mean?  What does it mean to me?  How do I intend to honor you?  

I honor you by playing with your sisters.

I honor you by cleaning your grave and leaving fresh flowers. 

I honor you by speaking your name. 

I honor you by telling people I have four children. 

For this project, I found a picture that I had made earlier in the summer and as soon as I saw it, my intention was set. Amazing how that works. 

I intend to dream with my eyes wide open in your honor. I will dream for my daughters futures, I will dream for your dad’s future, and I will dream for my own future.  I won’t just dream when I’m asleep, I’ll live…really live; for you, for me, and for my family. 

I love you, and miss you,




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