Capture Your Grief – Day 11 – Glow In The Woods


Today’s subject is focused on groups or resources that helped us out, early in our loss. Your dad and I actually had a tough time connecting with others in San Diego who suffered a SIDS loss. We went to some local support groups, a therapist, and church, looking for someone, anyone, who could tell us that we would survive this. 

I have to say that God placed some amazing friends and family in our lives who, even though they hadn’t lost a child to SIDS, were so incredibly understanding, empathetic, and so wanting to help us however they could.  We would later learn how many of them had lost babies at different stages.  We also connected with three of our pastors at Journey Community Church. Tic long, Ed Noble, and Bill Yaccino had words of comfort that your dad and I still live by to this day. 

One day, I received a Facebook message from founder Lindsey Henke inviting me to contribute to her online magazine called Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS). Becoming a follower of this site, and contributing to this site has shaped my grief and has allowed me a safe place to openly share my journey. 

We are part of a tragic community, but we are in it together. 

…and I’d trade it all to have you back. 

Love you forever,








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