Capture Your Grief -Day 10 -Words

I started writing letters to Leo the day after he passed away. I kept them private for a little while and I found such a closeness and so much comfort in each letter I wrote. I decided to create a private blog where I could safely store my letters and go back and read them some day to see how my grief moved in me. 

One day, a stranger commented on my blog and that’s when I realized that my letters could be healing to others too. So, I publicly shared 

My blog is a place where I share my grief in a very uncensored way. I don’t think it’s right for me to hide my sadness, anger, confusion, hope, acceptance, and faith.  I needed other grieving parents or friends of grieving parents to see only the truth, so that they could try and better help themselves or their friends.

I hope my words ignite a fire deep within you and I hope my words inspire hope, faith, and trust. 





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