The next day


Dear Leo,
I woke up today so sad that you were not in bed next to me. I wanted to reach out and hug you, smile at you, kiss your sweet warm baby cheeks, and give you breast milk as we doze in and out of sleep; just like we did every day for the last three weeks.

I keep trying to understand why you’re not here with me, but I probably shouldn’t do that. I know that you’re with God, but selfishly, I want you with me. Please, help me to remember only our three weeks together and to stop focusing in the day your body stopped working. We had the best time together. I will miss laying in bed with you and watching American idol on DVR while I had a cup of coffee and loved on you as much as I wanted. I will miss kissing your tummy, your warm little feet, and especially your cheeks. I probably kissed your cheeks 500 times a day. It always made you smile and open your mouth, like you were trying to kiss me back.

You will always be in my heart; you are a piece of my heart. I will never ever forget you.

With all of my love,

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