Called to serve

I’m at church right now, listening to the pastor speak about God and how he reaches out and how we reach out in Gods name. As I was watching the video of community members who reached out and made a difference, something clicked into place.

After you passed away, I searched and searched for help, for support, for a life line. There was none. I went through the beginning stages of grief with this sense of purpose. I I knew God was working in me, through my pain, to let my experience make a difference, to help me provide support to others who are in a similar situation bit aren’t surrounded by the love that we were. I knew I was supposed to offer love to bereaved parents…I just didn’t know how. So, I conceded to believe that God will reveal His plan for me when the time is right.

Today, at church, watching the video of people who started helping kids in Haiti, it hit me. I am supposed to start my support ministry at Journey. It should be called Surrounded by Love, and I’m supposed to respond to grieving families and reach out to them with love, acceptance, and with helping hands. I will offer prayer and start prayer chains. I will work with kids to make cards to give to these families to being them a moment of joy, the same way I received joy from your dads students. I will offer to provide a casket if its an infant who passed away. I will find people to coordinate a meal train for the family. And mostly, I will show them gods love and support through my hands and just be someone who understands what they are going through.

My son, your life and death have inspired me beyond imagination. I’m so sad that you’re not here with me, but since I can’t have you back, I promise that my life will be purposeful, meaningful, and will bring others to God.

I love you!


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