This is not Goodbye

April 19, 2013
11:48 pm

Today was your funeral. It was so beautiful and so personal. I miss you dearly. I realized today, after I saw your little body, that your essence, your “Leo-ness” if you will, is gone. You’re already in heaven and we are burying just your body. The part that god created is gone and we are burying the part that Zach and I made. Kind of a strange realization, really.
In a way, I feel at peace knowing where your body is, knowing that you’re resting peacefully, and getting to say good night one last time. I even held your casket. I had to hold you one last time.
My sweet love, I don’t know why you had to leave us. All i do know is that I trust gods plan and that your death has shown me love, kindness,and compassion beyond anything I ever knew possible.
Enjoy your first night in your new home. I love you.

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